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College of Health Professions

  • aminata posing by VCU sign

    Entry to practice DNAP

    'You can achieve any dream with hard work'

    Economically and socially disadvantaged, Aminata Tholley refused to let her background stand in the way of becoming a CRNA.

    Meet Aminata
  • Entry to practice DNAP

    A rigorous program, taken head-on.

    With the support of faculty and family, Amber Coleman relocated to RVA in pursuit of a degree in nurse anesthesia. It's been a wild ride. But she's never looked back.

    Meet Amber
  • Post-master's DNAP

    A leader striving to make care delivery better for all

    Through state-of-the-art distance learning, a Californian earns her DNAP degree at VCU.

  • Distance Education

    A surprising path to nurse anesthesia.

    With a bachelor’s degree in German language and cultural studies, this wasn't Joshua Dodson's intended path. He's glad it turned out that way.

    Meet Joshua
  • The journey to nurse anesthesia

    "Making Patient Safety Real is a way of life."

    Care in a rustic, Central American hospital. Combat duty in the Middle East. All in preparation for a career in nurse anesthesia.

    Meet April
  • Post-master's DNAP

    'It was always in the back of my mind'

    A CRNA in Ohio balances his patient load and his family with an advanced education to earn his DNAP degree.

  • Entry to practice DNAP

    "VCU is fostering my growth as a leader.'"

    Z Bakhtiar knows what it is like to not have healthcare. He's on a one-man mission to bring access to all - and keep patients safe along the way.

    Meet Z
  • From real estate to nurse anesthesia

    Mastering the DNAP, 200 miles from Richmond.

    Previously in real estate, Holly Newbold - facing a family health challenge - sought a career in healthcare. And she did it without moving to VCU in Richmond.

    Meet Holly
  • NAFA

    CE for CRNAs

    Looking for the best CE for nurse anesthesia? Hear from those who have attended, learned, and had a whole lot of fun and met great people along the way.

    See NAFA Testimonials