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College of Health Professions

  • Entry to practice DNAP

    'You can achieve any dream with hard work'

    Economically and socially disadvantaged, Aminata Tholley refused to let her background stand in the way of becoming a CRNA.

    Meet Aminata
  • Entry to practice DNAP

    A rigorous program, taken head-on.

    With the support of faculty and family, Amber Coleman relocated to RVA in pursuit of a degree in nurse anesthesia. It's been a wild ride. But she's never looked back.

    Meet Amber
  • Post-master's DNAP

    A leader striving to make care delivery better for all

    Through state-of-the-art distance learning, a Californian earns her DNAP degree at VCU.

  • Distance Education

    A surprising path to nurse anesthesia.

    With a bachelor’s degree in German language and cultural studies, this wasn't Joshua Dodson's intended path. He's glad it turned out that way.

    Meet Joshua
  • The journey to nurse anesthesia

    "Making Patient Safety Real is a way of life."

    Care in a rustic, Central American hospital. Combat duty in the Middle East. All in preparation for a career in nurse anesthesia.

    Meet April
  • Post-master's DNAP

    'It was always in the back of my mind'

    A CRNA in Ohio balances his patient load and his family with an advanced education to earn his DNAP degree.

  • Entry to practice DNAP

    "VCU is fostering my growth as a leader.'"

    Z Bakhtiar knows what it is like to not have healthcare. He's on a one-man mission to bring access to all - and keep patients safe along the way.

    Meet Z
  • From real estate to nurse anesthesia

    Mastering the DNAP, 200 miles from Richmond.

    Previously in real estate, Holly Newbold - facing a family health challenge - sought a career in healthcare. And she did it without moving to VCU in Richmond.

    Meet Holly
  • NAFA

    CE for CRNAs

    Looking for the best CE for nurse anesthesia? Hear from those who have attended, learned, and had a whole lot of fun and met great people along the way.

    See NAFA Testimonials