CE for CRNAs

For over 40 years, Nurse Anesthesia Faculty Associates has been offering the highest quality CE for CRNAs. All NAFA events are designed to meet National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) CE and Recertification Class A credit requirements. 

NAFA strives to advance the art and science of nurse anesthesia and create fertile ground for scholars, faculty and students. By choosing NAFA for CRNA seminars and continuing education requirements, you’ll not only benefit from the most advanced research and current practices, but with most of the educational portions held in the mornings, you will have time to spend with family and friends exploring exciting destinations. With a portion of the profits from our training opportunities used for student scholarships, you’ll also support future generations of nurse anesthetists.

Here's what NAFA attendees say:

"This is my ninth or tenth NAFA conference here at Hilton Head. There's a reason I keep coming back. Great educational content, always excellent presenters, and all at a beautiful resort. What more can you ask for?" -Kelly Shantz, CRNA

"This morning we had thjree superb speakers! I was never distracted bored! New information is a treat. I look forward to more." - Ann Caspermeyer CRNA

"A great meeting to learn newest technology, evidence and best practice supporting safest quality patient care we can offer. And the sun is always waiting for you after the meeting for your enjoyment." - Jean J., CRNA, DNAP

"Great material, current research and practice issues. NAFA seminars, as always, keep my practice up to date with the latest thinking and treatment modalities. Another quality educational presentation. Keep up the good work." - Jay Stillman, CRNA

"The speakers are interesting, up to date, innovators In their fields. The setting is gorgeous. I have been to this meeting for several years it is always excellent . The speakers always take care and time to answer any and all questions. Topics help practioners do their jobs better." - Melissa Davis, CRNA

"First time attendee, extremely impressed. Fabulous facilities with engaging presenters. Family feel to sessions with relevant topics for today's anesthesia landscape." - Bruce A. Ballard, CRNA

"NAFA is always an outstanding provider of continuing education for CRNAs. I have attended many conferences and am always pleased with the quality of the conference and the excellent treatment provided to the attendees. I will continue to use NAFA as a provider of education in the future!" - Vicki Vecchiolla, CRNA

"I have been to nearly twenty conferences in Williamsburg and one in Orlando. The topics are well presented and of great interest to all CRNAs. I particularly enjoyed the SRNA presentations. I will continue to come back for more NAFA presentations." - Clyde A. Rokke, CRNA (retired)

"Thank you for providing us with such a great educational experience. Your lecturers not only provide amazing reviews on important subjects , they did it in an interesting and thought provoking way. You do have your work cut out for next year, because this will be hard to top!" - Mary Stepanek, CRNA

"This is always a great meeting - obvious from the repeat attendees." Katherine Linden, CRNA

"Cutting edge knowledge straight from the horse's mouth! NAFA, you did it again!" - Robert Dickinson, CRNA

"This is an awesome conference! Great educational topics with recent research data that we as anesthesia providers can utilize on a daily basis! Good job NAFA!" - Julie Earles

"I have been attending the Disney Conference for years now. The overall experience NAFA provides is wonderful!" - Chad Riddle, CRNA

"This conference was fantastic! Very up to date and supported with current literature studies for use of best practices." - Rita Casingal, CRNA, DNAP

"The NAFA Conference at Snowshoe was amazing. Great faculty presentators at a great location." - Samantha Haslego, CRNA

"I have attended seven out of nine NAFA Snowshoe conferences and I completely enjoy the venue and meeting up with my peers in an ideal setting. The topics are always evidence based and relevant and the presenters are excellent at their jobs. I highly recommend a NAFA conference in your near future." - Tim Hudson, CRNA, DNAP

"NAFA is so open to presenting both sides of the topic which contributes greatly to safe patient care and best practice." - Jean Jasienski, CRNA

"I have attended the NAFA conference for the past 5 years. The speakers have been excellent and the topics extremely relevant to everyday practice." - Brian Ely, CRNA

"I had not attended the NAFA meeting for many years. I was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism of the CRNA presentions. Great job! Clear, concise material without too many charts and graphs! I will be back." - Joseph Forrest, CRNA